Never Forget The Value Of Tried & Tested

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Nowadays we are all in a hurry to exploit the latest trend with our marketing, sometimes forgetting the value in focusing on the tried and tested.

So with that in mind here are '10 Essentials of Direct Marketing.'

How many are you following?

1. Make it urgent.

The best bits of marketing are always time sensitive. An exception could be made for high-value or complex products but generally speaking you want the decision to be made there and then.

2. Walk them through it.

Never assume your customer knows what you need them to do. Do you want them to fill in a form? Call you? Download an app? A confused customer wont do anything.

3. Make your offer count.

You would be surprised how many companies neglect to have a great offer. You can't assume your audience understands your full value proposition. Your offer needs to go beyond the product itself to include elements that represent additional value, such as availability, delivery options, and technical support. Don't forget them!

4. Track, measure, perfect.

You must follow up your marketing and measure what is working successfully and what is failing. Track the results of everything to improve on them next time round.

5. Follow up.

You MUST follow up. By email, phone call, letter or visit just as long as it happens. This is a must to see increases in your response and conversion rates.

6. Compose brilliant copy.

Effective selling requires having more than just a great product and a compelling offer. It requires well written pieces that highlights your understanding of the customer's problems and shows how you plan to fix them.

7. Learn from others success.

We all want to come up with unique, effective marketing but it pays to look at what has worked for others beforehand. Find compelling campaigns that appeal to you, then mirror the bits that work best.

8. Brand as a by-product.

Branding is important, but for most small businesses your marketing needs to serve a specific marketing purpose. Branding needs to be a by-product of the primary marketing goal.

9. Remember that results are key, which is why you record results.

If it works, keep it, if it does not, bin it.

10. Keep focused.

Don't allow yourself to be easily distracted by shiny objects. If your campaign doesn't adhere to these rules then put it on the back burner.

Every now and again you just need to go old school. It works.

Get Thinking And Printing!

Have a great weekend.



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