10 Reasons Sending Postcards Is Good For Business

Why Your Business Should Be Utilising Postcard Mailings.

1. Business Postcards don’t need to be opened.

Lots of people will see and read the message on the postcard on route to its destination. This means that the impact of the conveyed message is immediate and possibly greater than envisioned.

2. Postcards are short.

There is more chance your message will be actually read by people sympathetic to your message because you get your point across without the reader having to wade through loads of copy.

3. Printing and postage costs are cheaper.

Business postcards are cheaper to produce than traditional direct mail materials and they don’t require any further work such as poly-wrapping or stuffing into an envelope.

4. Designing postcards saves on time and money.

If you design the postcard yourself, it should take you a lot less time than designing a full mailing campaign or if you contract the work out, it will cost a lot less to design than a traditional full blown mail campaign.

5. Postcards work for any business.

A postcard mail marketing campaign works equally well whatever business classification you are working in, retail or service, technology or any other.

6. Postcards can be testing.

When you are testing a new mailing list, a quick postcard campaign will prove the quality of the list. This is much cheaper than sending a full blown direct mail campaign to a untested list.

7. Joined up thinking between offline and online.

One of the effective uses of a postcard mailing is is to drive people to your website where they can read and hopefully respond to your full message.

8. Remind me to remind you.

A postcard can be easily kept and used as a reminder to do something. Some people blutack them in prominent positions if they don’t want to forget the message and need to reference the information.

9. An isolated incident.

If done right, good results can be gained from a single postcard mailing, but for the best results they should form part of an overall marketing strategy – Postcards are not miracle workers!

10. Experience counts in large amounts.

Working with us can help you avoid most pitfalls, this is where our extensive experience in the direct mail industry can really pay off for you. The old marketing ways are still some of the best ways but if you add modern techniques and technology into the mix then results can be very impressive. We can show you how....

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